REGIONAL TOURNAMENTS - After determining the number of school participating, there shall be an equal number of schools competing at each tournaments site insofar as possible. Schools with both a boys and a girls teams will not be split. Schools with single gender teams may need to be assigned to other sites in order to provide for an equal number of teams insofar as possible.

REGIONAL & STATE COMPETITION - During postseason competition, three regular American Tenpins Games will be bowled using the top 4 scores per game to determine the total pin count. Four additional games will be bowled in Baker format. The total from the three Tenpins games plus the total from the four Baker games will be added together. The highest total win count wins. Teams will remain on the same set of lanes for Baker competition.

Teams with fewer than four bowlers will not compete in the Baker portion of competition. Teams of four may compete in Baker bowling and will receive a score of zero for each open position in the rotation for the purposes of determining the team total score.

QUALIFYING FOR STATE - Teams: The top 3 teams at each regional tournament will qualify for state (score from top 4 bowlers in American Tenpins (3 games) plus score of four Baker games). Individuals: The top six highest individual scores (from 3 games of American Tenpins) that are not members of a qualifying team will qualify for state competition. 6A:144 bowlers will qualify for state (72 girls & 72 boys); 5-1A: 192 bowlers will qualify for state (96 girls & 96 boys).

MEDALISTS & AWARDS - Regionals: Plaques will be awarded to the first and second place teams in the Boys/Mixed and Girls divisions. The top 20 finishers in the American Tenpins portion of the tournament will receive a medal. State: The top 3 teams will receive a trophy and seven medals. The 10 20 finishers in American Tenpins will receive a medal.

OILING LANES - The KSHSAA will use a Kegel Pattern for postseason tournaments. Lanes will not be re-oiled at Regional competition between gender tournaments. Exception: In even-numbered years when the girls bowl second, the lanes may be re-oiled due to more girl participants. Lanes will be re-oiled before each state tournament.

SUBSTITUTIONS - No substitutions will be allowed after the coaches meeting.

BOWLERS & COACHES SITTING VS. STANDING - American Tenpins: coaches are to remain seated in the settee area (exception: react to outstanding play, greet bowler, tend to injured bowler, move to adjacent settee area). Bowlers are to remain seated when not bowling. Baker: Coaches and bowlers are permitted to stand during competition.



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