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2018-19 Music Classifications

Section 8, Accompanists
The same accompanist may not be used at two different music festival sites on the same day.


Intelligent Accompaniments (e.g., Smart Music)
Page 22 of the 2018-19 Music Manual states the following about the use of Intelligent Accompaniments.

Intelligent Accompaniments (e.g., Smart Music) will be allowed for solo performances only when a qualified accompanist is not available. Schools shall bring their own equipment to be used at the festivals, and the scheduled performance time limit must include the setting up and taking down of equipment. The intelligent accompaniment unit must be set on the interactive mode for all performances and the intelligent accompaniment must follow the performer. It must be used as piano accompaniment only and is not to be used in orchestral or any other accompaniment modes. Non-interactive accompaniment recording, such as CD or MIDI, etc., will not be allowed. Intelligent Accompaniments should only be utilized as a last option when a qualified accompanist is not available.

IMPORTANT: Please pay very close attention to the red portion of the rule. SmartMusic’s “Classic” version currently has the interactive mode (Follow Me) available. This must be turned on for Intelligent Accompaniments to be used for KSHSAA music festivals. SmartMusic has informed KMEA that they are in the process of phasing out their “Classic” version sometime after the 2017-2018 school year and are rapidly moving to the web-based version.

This new web-based version currently does not have the interactive mode (Follow Me) available. SmartMusic representatives have assured me that they will always have the interactive mode available, but as they transition from “Classic” to web-based, teachers using SmartMusic for KSHSAA music festival accompaniments will need to make sure they are purchasing the correct version that includes the interactive mode (Follow Me).

If you have any questions concerning SmartMusic please contact them directly at (866) 240-4041. If you have any questions about the rule or its interpretation, please contact Craig Manteuffel at or (785) 273-5329. [ continue ]

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