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Regional Tournaments
Regional tournaments start for all classes today. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Every team starts a new season today, and the winner of the regional will qualify for the state tournament
May 24 & 25. State sites:
Class 2-1A - Pratt- Green Sports Complex
Class 3A - Manhattan - Twin Oaks Complex
Class 4A-DII - Salina - Bill Burke Complex
Class 4A-DI - Emporia - Trusler Sports Complex
Class 5A - Maize - Maize High School playing on one turf field
Class 6A - Lawrence - Arrocha Ballpark - Rock Chalk Park

Summer Coaching and Player Restrictions
Once a player has completed membership (no longer on the roster and not practicing) on a school team they may begin practicing/playing with a non-school team. Until May 26, 2018 players are limited to no more than five (5) from the same school squad playing or practicing together on the same non-school (club) team. A school employed coach (head, assistant or Rule 10) may not work with any of their players after the school season is over until May 26, 2018.

Beginning May 26, 2018 (Saturday before Memorial Day) through September 3, 2018 (Tuesday after Labor Day) there are no restrictions on the number of players that may play together on a non-school team. The school coaches can coach these non-school teams during the summer. Summer is defined as the Saturday before Memorial Day until the Tuesday after Labor Day.

If a coach wants to have a "coach's one week team camp" it must take place between the dates of May 27, 2018 and July 15, 2018. Beginning July 16, 2018 a school coach may not have a "coach's one week team camp" for their potential players. Only players that can be on the school team (are enrolled or pre-enrolled at the school) can attend the coach's one week team camp. KSHSAA catastrophic and liability insurance does not cover the coach's one week team camp.

Beginning September 4, 2018 school softball coaches cannot coach their potential players (anyone enrolled grades 9-12 for HS) in fall leagues. School employed softball coaches are also not permitted to give private instruction to any player that could potentially be on their team the next school season. During the school year, school employed coaches may not have contact with their players for sport specific instruction.

Beginning September 4, 2018 players are limited to no more than five (5) from the same school squad the previous season (spring 2018) on their non-school (club) team. Any amount of time played on a school squad constitutes team membership. Squad is defined as Varsity, JV, 9th, A-team, B-team, etc.

Players may receive private instruction at any time, but the person giving the instruction cannot be a school employed coach during the school year outside the season of sport. Private instruction is defined as one student receiving instruction form one person during a period of instruction. There may be up to two support persons at the lesson, but they are not receiving instruction. For example a pitcher could have a catcher and a person acting as a batter at the lesson.

Please check with your school administration if you have additional questions. Further information can be found on the KSHSAA website at this link.

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Current Champions







Lawrence-Free State

Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights

Andover Central


Silver Lake


Lawrence-Arrocha Ballpark

Maize High School

Emporia-Trusler Sports Complex

Salina-Bill Burke Complex

Manhattan-Twin Oaks Complex

Pratt-Green Sports Complex

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