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Recent Speech Ruling (March 2017):
After the conclusion of round one it was brought to the Host Site Invitational Manager’s attention by the judge’s chair (and a parent that was originally scheduled for inform - who ended up judging HI) that our inform and oration panels were stripped of the adult and replaced with an additional senior college credit student). Several coaches asked about the panels and at the time I knew we had 4 students and the adult. We had scheduled panels for our Rounds 1 and 2 Inform, Oration rooms that consisted of 1 parent and 4 college credit seniors not enrolled or competing in forensics - with the parent ballot to be the "official score" and the other four ballots scored by the cc seniors but not used in the tabulation of the tournament and returned to the students competing. Each CC speech student was issued ballots and the parent judge was to use the competitor ballots as normal. It took quite some time to receive results for round 1 for inform and oration as we were trying to ascertain what happened with round 1. We chose to utilize the scores the panel provided. We subsequently removed the cc speech students from the panels round 2 and only used adult judges. Looking at what happened we will not be continuing this practice. It was well intended for the competitors to receive more feedback and the cc students to see quality speech pretensions.

KSHSAA Ruling: Total the events in question with round 2, 3, and finals judges, and re-submit the qualifiers to the KSHSAA.


Changes adopted by the KSHSAA Executive Board and published in the 2017-18 Debate, Speech & Drama Manual:

Championship Regulations

Sec. 4 State Qualifications
g. All 3-2-1A Lincoln-Douglas entries will be combined and this tournament will be held and managed by the 3A State Championships site.

Sec. 13 Grievances
f. The decision of the grievance committee is final. In the event that the grievance committee determines that a rule has been violated, that decision must include: a letter from the KSHSAA to the coach’s administration and one or more of the following actions: warning, loss of round, last rank in the section, or disqualification which may or may not include prior rounds.

Championship Scheduling

Final Placement Procedures
At the State Championship tournament, if the number of participants in an event exceeds 55 (as determined by the number of actual competitors in round 1), then 16 students would qualify for the semifinal round. (In case of ties, the 16 could be 17+. In any event, the number qualifying from semifinals to finals would remain at 6.)

Extemporaneous Speech (Domestic and Foreign)

Sec. 3 Preparation
A. Electronic devices may not be used to send or receive information from ANY source during the round, whether that source is inside or outside the room in which the competition occurs. Internet access, use of email, instant messaging of any sort, texting, or other means of receiving information from sources inside or outside the competition room is prohibited. It is the responsibility of the contestant to disable the communication ability of electronic devices.

Definition of Published
Selections must come from literature that is published and copyrighted. “Published” literature shall be defined as any material that is available to the general public with the exception of original material published by local high school publications such as a newspaper, literary magazine, or yearbook. Scripts from the Internet are acceptable if they include:

  1. A receipt or photocopy of the receipt of purchase for the complete work from commercial sources, or
  2. Proof of current Internet source’s existence, such as its inclusion on an electric-reader or indication of valid URL. [Continue]


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