Student Council

2017 Dr. Earl Reum
Kansas Advisor of the Year

Kris Trimmer
Winfield High School - Winfield, KS

Kris Trimmer has been a Social Studies Teacher for twenty-five years, the last 20 at Winfield High School in Winfield, Kansas. For the last eleven plus years she has also been the "Vikings" Student Council Advisor. Kris Trimmer established a Leadership Class where she teaches students that there are five categories of leadership, communication skills, group processes, managerial skills, self-awareness and human relations skills and are given the opportunity to practice those leadership skills in situations that really matter.

Winfield High School's Student Council Executive Officers say, "As student leaders, she supports us by allowing the student to lead, not the advisors. She has taught us to deal with challenges including working with students with different personality styles. She guides us to effective conflict resolution, considering individual strengths and weaknesses."

Mrs. Trimmer and Winfield High School have served as a host for many KSHSAA Regional Conferences and has been a huge support of the KSHSAA Summer Leadership Workshop by sending students each and every year, with some of them returning as Junior Councilors.

Winfield High School's Principal, Trenton Creeden, stated, "Mrs. Trimmer is very active in student life at Winfield High School. She either has or has had her hand in about everything that we do here. The climate of our building has been impacted by her leadership and direction. She is a student advocate in every way."

When asked about her work as a student council advisor, Kris said, "I love to watch new student council members getting to know each other. We use the 'color test' from summer camp to gather information about each member. It allows them to learn about themselves and it also makes it possible to know how to work together. A successful student council is certainly a study in psychology. How to get along with people is a skill that will serve them well in life."

"Dr. Earl Reum, Mr. Student Council, once said, 'Great leaders are developed, not simply born!' This is what student council is all about. In fact, if it is a skill that is necessary for success in the future, student council has it covered. That's a pretty good reason to be sure we keep our student council alive and well in Winfield, Kansas."



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