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I wish you and your teams the best as you may compete in your first meets of the season next week beginning March 11. Remember to promote leadership and team unity by empowering your team captains, upperclassmen, veterans to help teach/guide your novice, inexperienced athletes. Also, be sure to communicate with your parents about what to expect at a meet. Once again, veteran, experienced parents can be a great asset to assist new ones at meets. Good luck and have fun! The first official times of the season can be great motivators and used for goal setting purposes.

With first competitions rapidly approaching, please be sure to always be positive and professional. The KSHSAA places top priority on sportsmanship! It is imperative that coaches and officials willingly accept the responsibility of being positive role models. The ethics, integrity, and sportsmanship exhibited by adults have a profound effect on the young people who participate.

As you prepare to host and attend competitions, please be aware of the following NFHS Rules Changes (for a complete list of the 2018-19 NFHS Rules Changes CLICK HERE):

2-4-5: The 16.4-yard/15-meter marks must be visible on both sides of the pool deck.

Rationale: Although markings may be integrated into each lane marker/lane line, because the position of such floats are often irregular, the marks on the sides of the pool are the uniform default marking for all lanes.

2-7-2b: Backstroke starting ledges are not permitted in high school swimming.

Rationale: Clarifies that backstroke starting ledges are prohibited in high school swimming due to risk minimization.

4-2-1d: The referee shall conduct a pre-meet conference with the starter, the coach and the captain of each team for all non-championship meets.

Rationale: Emphasizes the importance that participants are aware of all details associated with the event.

9-4-6 NOTE 2 (NEW): The NOTE clarifies that it is permissible to conduct eleven-dive competitions during dual meets, double-dual meets, and other non-championship multi-team meets.

Rationale: Provides for additional options for competitors to prepare for tournament series events.

Warning - Do not wait until the last day to take this exam. Glitches can happen. User IDs and Passwords may not work. If you should encounter any difficulties, please contact the KSHSAA for assistance. Only those head varsity coaches who haven't already taken the exam must do so.

Member schools may apply per KSHSAA Rule #4 – Olympic Development Program (ODP) for their athletes to swim in USA Swimming sanctioned meets. A complete list of the approved USA Meets for 2018-19 was included in the Week 1 Announcements and can be found on the KSHSAA Website. Many female, club swimmers who are participating in high school swimming do choose to compete in spring USA Meets such as sectionals, junior nationals, or other large, local invites such as the OZ Classic, Voorhees-Maxfield, and UMIZ Invites. Make certain you communicate with your athletes and all is in order for them to do so. KSHSAA Member Schools must apply by writing a letter on school letterhead, 30 days prior to the event, requesting approval for their athletes to swim in the USA Swimming Meet. The letter must be signed by: Principal, Athletic Director, Scholastic Swim Coach, & Athlete. These meets will count towards the limit of 10 meets for a season.

If your school hosts a meet that does not follow the normal order and length of events such as a Relay Meet or Pentathlon Meet, be sure to request permission from the KSHSAA in writing providing meet details such as meet name, location, date, events, and participating schools. Requests can be emailed to rgarman@kshsaa.org. Schools who have submitted requests for the girls' season are Lansing and Olathe East.